SIMeF is a living and lively association: a number of Associates have built Working Groups focused on certain topics, always under social aims. The present area lists the Working Groups together with their respective information in order to evaluate the potential interest for the other Associates. Adhering is simple for a SIMeF Associate: it is sufficient to send an e-mail to SIMeF Secretariat.

Institutional Affairs


Institutional Affairs&nbsp

The Institutional Affairs Working Group was set up during the meeting held at the sitting of the SIMeF Board on 20th of July, 2015, with the aim to build up and keep constant contacts and joint participation with Organisms and Associations ...

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Legal Affairs


Legal Affairs&nbsp

It handles to analise legal themes of interest in our area by interacting with the other SIMeF Working Groups, with the public and private actors, with those who provide services; furthermore, without negletting the big potentialities...

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The IBIG Group was born with the following objectives:to exchange info and promote cooperation among its members in view of implementation of themes on biometrician and data manager...

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Medical Devices


Medical Devices&nbsp

The Group on Medical Devices was born in October 2008 with the following aims: to examine in depth the knowledge of regulatory requirements applicable to Medical Devices and to point out the differences between European laws and non-European laws...

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Pharmacoeconomics & Market Access

Pharmacoeconomics & Market Access

The Working Group, built in spring 2009, aims : to promote and make known the pharmacoeconomic culture. To make known and enhance the knowledge on methodology and practice in Clinical and Post-Marketing Pharmaceconomics ...

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The Pharmacovigilance Group was formally founded in 1995 already active as Section of the Pharmacoepidemiological Group for several years. Since 2007, the Group has been named “Ernesto Montagna” in memory of our colleague ...

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In the late eighties the GIQAR Group was born , when the Quality Assurance Groups in Europe were going to get organised with the aim to constitute Professional Societies specifically taking care of Quality Assurance Profession...

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Complementary Medicine


Complementary Medicine&nbsp

Professionals and customers of food supplements, an increasing need of clear and available information is noticed, based on knowledge of the laws, on scientific evidence, on quality certification and constant technical and educational updating ...

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Patient Partnership




Working Group was born in the late nineties, being one of the first ones to accept the idea to form groups closer to peculiar interests of some SIMeF Associates. Originally, the activities were mainly conducted in Milan, with some of the most attractive events repeated in Rome...

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Media Relations


Media Relations&nbsp

This Group was born in May 2007, with the aim of coordinating and encouraging relations between SIMeF and the world of the Scienfic Press and to increase exposure of SSFA as well. The activity of the Working Group is distinguished by flexibility...

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Observational Studies


Observational Studies&nbsp

Mission of the Observational Studies Working Group is improving knowledge on methods of the observational studies together with increasing awareness of professionals about relevance of data from current clinical practice...

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SIMeF Youth


SIMeF Youth&nbsp

Youth, result of a cooperation between four alumni of Master “Preclinical and Clinical Drug Research and Development“ and the SIMeF Board of Directors, was born by the need to set up a bridge between universitary and working worlds....

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