Aims of the Group

The Institutional Affairs Working Group was set up during the meeting held at the sitting of the SIMeF Board on 20th of July, 2015, with the aim to build up and keep constant contacts and joint participation with Organisms and Associations, all relevant for the activites of the Association.
In particular, the Group Managers, appointed by the Board of Directors, have the mandate to represent SIMeF at: Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA), Ministry of Health, the National Institute of Health in Italy (ISS), the National Research Council (CNR), the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI), Universitary Institutes, Farmindustria, other Scientific Societies similar to ours and with matters of mutual interest.

The Institutional Group is not open to subscrition of the Associates, in quanto è, da considerarsi un braccio operativo del Consiglio eletto.being an operational arm of the elected Board of Directors itself.

At present, the Group of Institutional Affairs is constituted by: Giuseppe Assogna–SIMeF Board Member, Sergio Caroli–SIMeF Board Member , Gianni De Crescenzo - Past President and actual Adviser of SIMeF Board, Francesco De Tomasi - Past President; and Marco Romano -current President of SIMeF.

From the activity of the WG, opportunities of consulting result with the above mentioned Institutions about different topics regarding clinical research and all the related activities in addition to topics on ethic, social and behaviour, always related to scientific research, drug and health.

Moreover, it goes with Courses, Conferences, Round Tables independent or in conjunction with other Institutions. Of particular interest, those contributions which SIMeF is called through this WG to provide AIFA with, by setting up a few implementing decrees regarding rules in the area of clinical trials of drugs.

The Working Group constantly reports to Board of Directors on its speeches; furthermore, the Group updates the Associates through SIMeF web site.