(Italian BIostatistic Group)

Aims of the Group

The IBIG Group the following objectives:

  • To exchange info and promote cooperation among its members in view of implementation of themes on biometrician and data manager inside Italian pharmaceutical industry, with the aim to set up the fundamentals for a common behaviour to offer and solve common problems in the specifica area.
  • To promote and keep a scientific and professional approach of the members, both through activities inside the Group and through the participation to external activities of interest for all its members.
  • To set up a reference point outside, as per the approach on how the statistician and datamanager professions are to be considered and which kind of activity needs to be pursued by them.
  • To update the above standards in conjunction with external changes (e.g. Laws, GCP, …).
  • To promote cooperation and information exchanges inside the Group and with other Groups.
  • To be a benchmark as per biometry and datamanagement activities in respect of external institutions.


Activities of the Group

The activities of utmost importance are the organisation and co-organisation of meetings and workshops on:

  • Statistical Methodology
  • SAS Programmes
  • Data management
  • Clinical Research

For more info on IBIG and related actvities, please refer to: www.biostatistici.it