Master in Advanced Bostatistics for Clinical Research by University of Padova in cooperation with IBIG.

Objective of the current Master is to provide deepening tools on “hot topics” of statistical methodology in Clinical Research. In details, Master is composed by 5 modules and the arguments will be debated as follows:

  • Design and Analises of adaptative studies
  • Bayes’ Designs for clinical trials
  • Methods for range of clinical trials
  • Methods for evaluation of heterogeneity of treatment effects

Lessons will be videotaped and will be totally available on line while a forum will be available to contact directly teachers for any question and/or explanation.

Master educational learning is aimed atfavouring a practical knowledge on the different topics, sustaining a number of case studies - depicted by software analyses (SAS and R ) - together with the theoretical knowledge.

Through the selection of the contents -between those more actual and “ hot” in Clinical Trial Area - together with a remote skill, the Master aims at accomodating the needs of people already working in the area together with people who firstly want to approach the area itself.

For more info, please refer to http://www.unipd.it/biostatistica-avanzata-ricerca-clinica