Aim of the Group

In the late eighties the GIQAR Group was born, when the Quality Assurance Groups in Europe were going to get organised with the aim to constitute Professional Societies specifically taking care of Quality Assurance Profession.
The aim of GIQAR is to provide a location for discussion/exchange of ideas and, as a consequence, facilitate acquisition, disclosure and application of the concepts of Quality Assurance. In addition, the Group is committed to promoting the profession of Quality Assurance by cooperation with representatives of industry, academic and regulatory worlds.
GIQAR represents a reference point for all the SIMeF Associates who deal with Quality Assurance as well as for those who, involved in various roles of Research, wish to be updated on the QA aspects.

Activities of the Group

GIQAR periodically met to discuss subjects particularly focusing on GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and those topics strictly related to job of Quality Assurance.
At the beginning of nineties, due to development on Preclinical and Clinical Research rules, there was a need to develop some working subgroups more specifically involved on GLP and GCP (Good Clinical Practise) aspects. More recently, around 2006, two new Working Sub-Groups joined , one on GMP in Research & Development and one on Quality Assurance activities in Pharmacovigilance.
Moreover, GIQAR is even active for organisation of Training Courses on GLP and GCP in conjunction with experts of industry and delegates of regulatory authorities. GIQAR interacts with other working groups in SIMeF aiming to integrate the relative proficiencies across Biometricians, Pharmaceutical Medicine and Pharmacovigilance. Furthermore, GIQAR collaborates with AFI (Association Pharmaceutical Industry) by arranging seminars and meetings on GMP applied to Research and Development.
Between the different activties of GIQAR, the Annual Congress with its 20th anniversary in 2009 was certainly one of the most relevant circumstances. Peculiar property of GIQAR is its interaction with AIFA Inspectors, Ministry of Health and ISS (Institute of National Health) where it is possible to receive the point of view of Regulatory Inspectors on regulations applicable to Research.
Nowadays GIQAR is a Group consisting of about 180 SIMeF Associates who take part in the different activities of the Group.