Nutritional supplement

Nutritional products aimed to integrate the nomal diet and representing a concentrate of food substances or other substances with a nourishig or phisiologic effect, as a consequence they “must” carry out effects on health. It is both single compounds and multicompounds with a reported history of a safe community-wide consume before 1997 in order to come out in favour as per safety. If not, it shall be governed by the law (CE) 258/97 regarding NOVEL FOOD. (source: EU DIRECTIVE 2002/46 EC of EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT and of COUNCIL of 10th June 2002)


Food for special medical purposes (FSMPs)

SFMPs are dietary products:

  • specifically processed or made, requiring to be used “under medical supervision”;
  • intended for a complete or partial nutrition in patients with limited, reduced or impaired ability of taking, digestion, absorption, metabolism or excretion of current foods or some relevant nutrients or included metabolites or for futher clinically defined food requirements;
  • -intended for a complete or partial nutrition in patients where dietary treatment management cannot be achieved either with a normal change of the normal diet or with other dietary products or combining current food with other dietary products. In other words, FSMs are intended for those dietary treatments which cannot be achieved through an appropriate combination of already available foods, food supplements included (source: GUIDELINES ON FOOD FOR SPECIAL MEDICAL PURPOSES, Ministry of Health. Last updating: December 2012)


Herbal substances and plant-based preparations (botanicals)

Premise. “Herbal substance and plant-based preparation” includes not merely plants but algae, fungi and lichen as well; as a result, “ botanical” is commonly defined as:

  • herbal ingredient, i.e.“ herbal drug” or plant in toto or its sections (whole parts, pieces or cut) in an unprocessed form, usually dried;
  • herbal preparation by submitting the herbal ingredient to different treatments (e.g. extraction, distillation, pressing, division, purifying, concentrate, fermentation, fragmentation and atomising).



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