Aims of the Group

The Working Group was born in the late nineties, being one of the first ones to accept the idea to form groups closer to peculiar interests of some SIMeF Associates. Originally, the activities were mainly conducted in Milan, with some of the most attractive events repeated in Rome as well.
In 2008, a Group in Rome was added in order to promote those initiatives for professionals on drug development in a more widespread way.


Activities of the Group

The main activities of the Group are: the Courses for people working in Drug Development together with the Project Management Course (in conjunction with SDA Bocconi,Milan). Additionally, the Group holds courses for Investigators (St. Raffaele Hospital, Milan) and courses on GCP. Afternoon seminars, current and free for all the Associates, take place approximately quarterly, both in Milan and Rome.

In addition, the Group has encouraged different levels for advanced Masters in cooperation with “Cattolica” University (Rome), the University of Bicocca (Milan) and with the University of Camerino.