Aims of the Group

SIMeF Youth, result of a cooperation between four alumni of Master “Preclinical and Clinical Drug Research and Development“ and the SIMeF Board of Directors, was born by the need to set up a bridge between universitary and working worlds, allowing a line-up and exchange of views among colleagues.

The main objectives of SIMeF Youth are: promotion of training, updating and development of a relational network. Young people-under 35 interested in the drug, nutraceuticals and medical devices worlds, will be able to be housed in a room for themselves where they can face with colleagues of different ages and working backgrounds; and submit ideas and matters potentially supplementing the activities of the existing different SIMeF Working Groups (WGs). Indeed, SIMeF Youth does not work per se as a real Working Group while it achieves, as main objective, to gather under 35 and promote their active cooperation with current Working Groups.

Youngest colleagues will be able to turn for support in positioning for employment or for postgraduate training. Furthermore, we would increase application of social media in order to spread news and mainly involve SIMeF Associates, try and cooperate with Young Departments of other Scientific Societies, try and shape further proposals potentially joining, in the future, the working programmes.